Are you looking for a regulated agent that inspects your unsafe cargo?

AWiAS Aviation Services is a LBA-accredited regulated agent and may under this permit inspect your unsafe cargo and assign the appropriate security status.

Our approved establishment with registration number DE/RA/01486-01 is located at Frankfurt Airport in Cargo City South in building 577.

We offer the following cargo inspection methods at our location, in the Frankfurt area or by arrangement nationwide:

  • Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD)

  • X-Ray Scanner (XRY)

  • Explosive Trace Detection (ETD)

  • Hand Search (PHS)

  • Visual Check (VCK)

Our explosive detection dogs and handlers are annually tested by the german federal aviation authority based on EU order 2015/1998.

AWiAS Aviation Services Team Markus Holtmann

Whether in our approved premises or at your location: AWiAS inspects your unsafe air freight 24/7 in the greater Frankfurt a.M. area and nationwide.

Markus Holtmann (Head of EDD Operations), AWiAS Aviation Services

Screening Methods

Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD)

SPX by EDD - Cargo Inspection with Explosive Detection Dogs

Explosive Detection Dogs (EDD)

The use of detection dogs is especially useful for cargo having particular characteristics, and generates dark alerts e.g. .

As a sole measure but also in combination with other methods, the detection dog is a proven means of control. Our explosives detection teams are nationwide, flexible in use.


Play it safe with the X-Ray scanner


X-rays may be used as a sole control measure and are considered to be the safest and most effective control measure.

In X-ray systems, we use only the most modern and safest technology. 3D recognition? Image rotation? No problem! X-ray is currently the most recognized control method.

Explosive Trace Detection (ETD)

Freight too big for scanners? No problem for the sniffer.

Explosive Trace Detection (ETD)

The Explosive Trace Detector (commonly called “sniffer”) is used as a control method for oversized air cargo, or even when a dark alert was generated.

Benefits: An Explosive Trace Detector (ETD) system is portable, flexible and ready for use on-the-spot.

Hand Search (PHS)

Is the freight easily accessible?

Hand Search (PHS)

If the type of air cargo is suitable, hand search is a good method of inspection.

Goods that allow being screened by hand provide the opportunity for this inspection.

Visual Check (VCK)

Is the freight easily visible?

Visual Check (VCK)

The visual check is a method of inspection, which is often used as an additional means.

Goods that can be screened visibly provide the opportunity for this inspection.

After a successful inspection we document the security status on your accompanying documents (e.g. on the Air Waybill)